Modern Family Damask

There are more than 2,5 million households in the Netherlands, these households are families with one or two parents and their children.

The traditional family, (which usually consists of a mother, a father and their children) is not the only family type anymore. More dynamic families like single parent families and stepfamilies, in which one or both partners have children out of former relationships, are becoming common.

In the earlier days, families owned personal table linen. This table linen (woven in damask) was uniquely made for the family, representing the family connection. This table linen grants todays families a modern version of this precious family item. To offer something tangible which represents their bound.

The image, which is woven in this table linen, is based on individual passport information of every family member. Information like surnames, given names, date and place of birth. The information of every individual family members comes together in an infographic, in this way every family can get its own unique tablecloth.

Made possible thanks to:
TextielMuseum Tilburg
Marlijn Kooistra, pedagogue

Images are stills of short movie.